MasteriMastering Chapter Management When You’d Rather Be Playing Bach: IRS, Tax and Non-Profit Issues facing AGO Chapters

Eric Birk

Monday, June 20, 9 AM

Many chapters struggle to comply with requirements of state and federal laws that affect non-profits. AGO Chapters, as subordinate units of a national association, have recently experienced difficult or challenging situations in keeping up with their official documents, filings with state or federal agencies, and maintaining their tax-exempt status. This workshop is designed to help leaders serving in any capacity (dean, sub-dean, treasurer, secretary, registrar, executive committee member, etc.) have a clearer understanding of the ins and outs of managing chapter financial and public filing responsibilities, to learn what to do in real-life situations that chapters face, and how to proactively prevent unnecessary obstacles that many chapters find themselves facing. Other issues to be included in this workshop are: AGO charter and incorporation, bylaws and chapter operating procedures, state filings, financial reporting, and insurance and liability. [Please note:  nothing in this workshop is offered as professional legal, tax or insurance advice. It is drawn from the experience shared by the successes from among over 300 AGO chapters and the publicly available information regarding chapters of non-profit associations.]

Eric Birk, FAGO, has served as Executive Assistant to the Executive Director at AGO National Headquarters since January 2012 following 17 years at Flatbush-Tompkins Congregational Church in Brooklyn, NY as organist/choir director. He has served as president of the Associated Music Teachers League, registrar of the NYC Chapter AGO, director of the 2015 Brooklyn Pipe Organ Encounter, and board member of the Brooklyn Chapter. As a free-lance organist, he serves as guest accompanist or substitute in Manhattan churches. One of his responsibilities at AGO HQ is assist chapters with IRS and other tax and government filing issues.