Online Strategies to Engage Your Audience and Supporters

Carol Nave and Patrick Pope

Tuesday, June 21, 10 AM
Meeting Room 335.A

Audiences have many choices when it comes to how they spend their money and their time. Many musicians find themselves in the role of marketing director, trying to build their audience and base of donor support. In contemporary culture’s fast-paced communication paradigm, there are many new channels for promotion: FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and blogs, to name a few. It can be a confusing landscape for someone who is not a marketing professional.

In order to reach a contemporary audience, it is vital to embrace technology and gain the knowledge to use it effectively. A good promotional plan can help gain exposure for musical events, grow the audience, and expand donor support. In fact, effective promotional strategies can be the difference between flourishing and struggling as a performer or musical organization.

This workshop will provide practical communication and marketing tools for the musician in 2016. We will help participants understand the current social media landscape, prioritize the strategies that will work best, and provide actionable tips to enhance their online presence and grow a committed following for a variety of musical activities.

Carol Nave and Patrick Pope became colleagues and friends while studying at Indiana University, both earning their DM in organ performance. Carol, as co-owner of X Factor Wellness in Houston, and as Promotion Committee chair for the 2016 AGO National Convention, has developed many successful marketing campaigns. Patrick is the director of music at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their shared desire to reach a new generation and expand the audience for classical music and organ led them to collaborate on this important topic.

You can download the workshop handouts below:

Discover Your Value Exercise

Engage Your Audience and Supporters