Teaching Pre-College Organ Students: Methods of the Twenty-First Century

Elena Paradies

Tuesday, June 21, 8 AM
Meeting Room 336.A-B

New digital technologies of the twenty first century penetrate more and more educational areas with teaching tools that we could not even imagine a few years ago. Reading digital books, studying with teachers on Skype, getting on-line degrees, that and much more have become the ordinary reality of today's student. These new technologies open new perspectives on the process of teaching organ students as well.

This presentation introduces an internet technologies-based educational resource for organ teachers preparing students for university study, organized as an e-book which can be used independently or in conjunction with on-line web services. The e-book uses recent advances in digital video, audio, interactive technologies and can be displayed in laptop, mobile phone, desktop, tablet, or home theater.

The e-book's objective is to provideanorgan teacher with a set of teaching materials and renewable on-line resources that can be used during lessons or in lesson preparation. The e-book is designed to support the teacher with visual, audio, and video materials. It includes practical information about basic organ technique, references to organ literature by historical periods, chapters on music theory fundamentals and drills, basic piano technique, and pedagogical problems and their solutions.

The use of new media and on-line technologies in teaching pre-college organ students could lead to creating new supporting global internet structures at the level of the AGO.

Elena Paradies, a native of Lithuania, is a doctoral student (ABD) in organ performance at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, studying with Dr. Janette Fishell. She received her master degrees in piano at the Lithuanian Music Academy and in organ at the M. Glinka State Conservatory in Nyzniy Novgorod, Russia. She taught at Klaipeda University, Lithuania, and performed in different venues in Lithuania, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Germany and U.S. At the moment Elena lives in California, teaches at the Pacific Piano School, and is the organist at the First Emmanuel Lutheran Church in San Jose.